November 9th | December 14th | January 11th | January 25th at 1:00-2:00pm CT

Join Synergy for a virtual Customer Service training series presented by Dale Carnegie.

Synergy will be hosting a Customer Service training series presented by Dale Carnegie. These workshops are designed to enhance your communication skills, build stronger professional relationships, and foster a more positive and productive work environment. Participants will gain valuable insights and practical strategies for interacting effectively with diverse personality styles, establishing trust, and managing disagreements in a constructive manner.

  • November 9th, 1-2 pm CT: Build Trust, Credibility and Respect
    • Discern the differences between trust, credibility, and respect and how they interconnect
    • Cultivate a trust-based work environment using proven Principles
    • Minimize trustbusters and restore broken trust
    • Appreciate how trust is the cornerstone to employee engagement and retention
  • December 14th, 1-2 pm CT: Disagree Agreeably
    • Identify personal hot buttons and your role in disagreements
    • Give others the benefit of the doubt
    • Refine your ability to cushion messages for greater acceptance
    • Use evidence to eliminate doubt
    • Use the six rules for disagreeing agreeably
    • Apply a formula for contributing ideas and disagreeing in an agreeable way
  • January 11th, 1-2 pm CT: Communicate with Different Personalities
    • Identify your own Personality style and how you react under pressure
    • Modify your behaviors to be able to connect with people of different styles
    • Influence attitudes and behaviors of others
  • January 25th, 1-2pm CT: Customer Service Series Recap
    • Participants will engage in small group discussions to talk about the tools that were shared on the webinars and how they can be used them to solve real life challenges.

The webinars will be recorded and uploaded to OneHub. They will be available to participants for 3 months after the sessions.

Event Cost
$299 per company
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