Cannabis and the Construction Industry | A Webinar for Synergy Members

Event Description:


Presenters Jon Landesman and Anthony Bottenfield of Cohen Seglias will discuss what employers need to do to ensure a safe, productive workplace, do’s and don’ts with respect to employees holding prescriptions for medical marijuana, employer obligations under the ADA and ADAAA, and employer rights.  In addition, they will discuss office party liability.


Why You Should Attend:

The line between legal and illicit drug use, particularly when marijuana is involved, has become increasingly blurry. Employers in locations with medical marijuana laws who wish to ensure a safe, productive workplace must know what they can and cannot do with respect to employees holding prescriptions for medical marijuana. Are they covered under the ADA/ADAAA? If so,  what are –and aren’t—you obligated to do? Taking proactive steps to learn your rights and responsibilities before a question arises is the smart thing to do. This webinar will help you do exactly that.


Topics Will Include:

  • Handling conflicts between state and federal marijuana laws
  • Marijuana and the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Enforcing drug-free workplace policies
  • Employment law regarding drug testing
  • Policies and Procedures – staying in legal compliance
  • How to initiate the ADA’s “interactive process”
  • OSHA regulations employers must remember
  • Fitness for Duty and Direct Threat – how these regulations play a critical part
  • Tips for inquiring about legal drug use by employees
  • Employers’ exposure for office parties and social activities

Can’t make the webinar?:

No problem! This webinar will be recorded and uploaded to OneHub for members to access.

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