Sales Webinar Series
Event Date:
Dec 08, 2022
Event Time:
1:00-2:00pm CT
Event Cost:
Free for Synergy members

Event Information

Synergy’s Business Resources Task Force is hosting a sales webinar series on the sales process for anyone in a sales or business development role. Each webinar will start with some helpful information from Craig Condon (Pacific Rim Mechanical) and will close with small group breakout discussions for attendees to dive in deeper. This is the perfect lead up series to the in-person Sales and Marketing session which will take place May 21-23rd, 2023.

The Monthly Topics:

  • December 8th – Qualifying
    • How to determine if the prospect is worth your time to pursue
  • January 12th – Survey
    • How to complete an excellent survey
  • February 9th – Proposal
    • How to put together your proposal
  • March 9th – Closing
    • How to have a well prepared and organized presentation

Sales Webinar Series

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