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Benefits of Becoming a Synergy Member

You work every day to create the best workplace for your employees. Your culture is not just what’s in your mission statement, but it’s what fuels your company forward. You believe in the power of teams and have seen that a group focused on never settling for being just okay will always achieve something great. We get it. Because we are just like you.

Peer Group on Steroids

Synergy members are part of a network of 45 carefully selected peers in geographically exclusive territories. Our group is large enough to allow for the constant flow of new ideas and best practices, but small enough that you and your team will never get lost in the shuffle.

Company Wide Resource

We help you create your own unique peer experience for everyone within your organization. From owner to technician Synergy members across all departments have access to training and tools to help them turn challenges into success stories.

Redefine Your Competitive Edge

The benefits achieved through collaboration and best practice sharing allow you to provide an even greater experience for your employees and clients. Synergy members don’t just hear about trends or new technologies, they actively look for ways to sharpen their competitive edge.

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Ask a Peer

You can’t know everything, but with Synergy’s Ask a Peer online resource you kind of can. Ask a Peer was designed for your team to get answers, support, and feedback from other Synergy members via email. From service to construction to company-wide departments we've created an Ask a Peer list for your team to get and give the peer support they need.

Documents & Downloads

Synergy members are in geographically exclusive territories, which means they openly share everything for their fellow peers to learn from. They call it R&D - rob and duplicate. We call it a huge time saver. Members share everything from forms they’ve developed, tried and true processes they’ve implemented, job descriptions they’ve utilized, and the list goes on!

Financial Benchmarking

Synergy members like benchmarking and discussing the KPI’s that affect their business. We’re a data-driven group focused on finding opportunities to get better. Members complete a yearly financial benchmark to help compare their numbers to the industry, to other Synergy members, and to themselves year-to-year. If you can’t see the “score” how do you know if you’re winning?

Network and Learn at Our Events

We understand that your people are your most valuable asset. That’s why Synergy is dedicated to providing training sessions that help every member become not just a better leader, but a better person.

We offer training throughout the year with topics based off member feedback. Our training sessions are tailored for the HVAC industry and include plenty of opportunity for both large and small group discussions.

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