A Look Into the 2018 Service Coordinator and Dispatch Forum

Synergy hosted a Service Coordinator and Dispatch Forum last month in Atlanta, GA. Sixty eight percent of the attendees were current dispatchers or service coordinators. The other attendees were in roles that either managed or worked with dispatch on a daily basis. This mix created a great environment to have well-rounded conversations during the whole meeting, especially during the Ask a Peer – Live sessions. See below for a sample of some of the questions that were asked and the breakdown of who attended the meeting.

Special thank you to all of our attendees for your involvement, engagement, and openness.  From those who shared during the Synergy Showdowns, to the Ask a Peer questions submitted, not to mention the great table discussions, everyone played a role in this meeting.  Thank you for all you do for Synergy, and for each other.

All of the meeting documents have been uploaded to OneHub, including the final PowerPoint presentation, the meeting recap, and the documents shared by individual attendees.  You can click here to see the pictures taken during the session. To download a picture just right click on it and select ‘Download.’