Atlantic Constructors Visits W.L. Gary | Visit a Member

New member Atlantic Constructors has wasted no time at all jumping in to Synergy! Terrence Kerner, Evan Shriver, and Dan Schultheis recently made a road trip to visit the team at W.L. Gary  to spend some time sharing info regarding multiple subjects.  Brooke Greer, Mike Dent, and Randy Greer with W.L. Gary sat down with the Atlantic Constructors team for about 2 ½ hours and talked about how they both did business.  The subjects ranged from service operations, construction operations, HR issues, union/nonunion pros and cons, BIM/CAD, fabrication, sales team, commissions, and so on.  After lunch the group went to visit W.L. Gary’s fab shop for a tour.

“It was a great first session,” said Randy. “Terrence is already looking at dates for our visit to their office so we can see the newly completed addition that you saw being built when we visited in the early spring.   We are looking forward to visiting and continuing the dialog!”