Baker Group Receives 2018 Peer of the Year Award

Baker Group (Ankeny, IA) received Synergy’s 2018 Peer of the Year Award at the 2018 Executives Forum held Nov. 7-11th in Aruba. Baker Group was recognized as the member who best represented Synergy’s core values this year.

  • Commitment – Prepared and motivated to help our team, another member’s company, and the Synergy organization
    • Has opened the doors of their company for many Synergy members to visit
    • Shares with other owners his insights when he encounters their employees at Synergy events
    • Many of members mentioned this company as a member who has helped them the most this year

  • Humility – Openly share successes and failures with our peers
    • Shares their unique company culture with other Synergy members
    • This quote hangs in their office” “The biggest room in the world is the room for growth”

  • Accountability – Actively attend training sessions and make it a priority to stay connected throughout the year.
    • Attended 6 of 7 training sessions this year
    • Encourages their team to utilize Synergy resources and network with other Synergy members

  • Integrity – We treat each other with honesty, respect, and sincerity
    • Examines every Synergy decision as to how it will impact all members
    • Asks: “Does it pass the sniff test of who we are as an organization?”
    • Frequently uses the words, “I challenge you to …”

  • Innovation – We utilize technology and continue to push the boundaries
    • Created a state of the art facility for their employees
    • Looks outside the HVAC industry for ideas

  • Fun – With friends you will always be more successful
    • If he doesn’t have an inside joke with you yet, he will soon
    • We’ve visited his pole barn and heard about his pigs
    • We’ve watched him drink milk with pasta
    • But yet, we did not know that he has a twin sister!

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