Be The Lighthouse

If you can’t change the course of the storm be the lighthouse. Since we’re all in this storm right now we at Synergy wanted to share some of the lighthouse moments that we’re seeing from our members. Read on to see some of the positive examples we’re seeing out there!

Hawks and Company:

As a thank you for all of the hard work their team is putting in, Hawks and Company supplied all employees with a selection of choice cut meats from a local butcher!

Atlantic Constructors:

The shop at Atlantic Constructors shifted gears to make masks for their employees to help fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Vital Mechanical Service:

Vital Mechanical Service is hosting virtual happy hours with their team to help everyone stay connected. They’re even giving away a prize for the best hat!

Atomatic Mechanical Service

Three family members of Atomatic employees have been busy making over 170 masks for the team. They’re planning on donating the extra to local healthcare workers!