Cox Engineering Receives 2019 Peer of the Year Award

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Cox Engineering (Randolph, MA) received Synergy’s 2019 Peer of the Year Award at the 2019 Executives Forum held Nov. 10-13th in Napa. Cox Engineering was recognized as the member who best represented Synergy’s core values this year.

Commitment – Prepared and motivated to help our team, another member’s company, and the Synergy organization

  • Have become the go-to destination for other Synergy members to visit this year
  • Proactively reach out to brainstorm with other members
  • Relationship builders

Humility – Openly share successes and failures with our peers

  • From the top of the organization throughout, they have an open door, share-all policy
  • They tell it like it is – warts and all
  • Mentioned by many as a member who has helped them this year

Accountability – Actively attend training sessions and make it a priority to stay connected throughout the year

  • This company attended 6-8 training sessions this year
  • Consistent participants on Ask a Peer at many levels

Integrity – We treat each other with honesty, respect, and sincerity

  • A pay it forward attitude
  • Rob and duplicate – then share it again

Innovation – We utilize technology and continue to push the boundaries

  • Share their research openly and willingly
  • Utilize what others in the group share
  • They have taken what they’ve learned from other members and implemented ideas to move the needle in their organization

Fun – with friends you will always be more successful

  • A truly deep level of love for friendships developed over the years
  • A team that laughs and enjoys each other
  • The kindest, most caring heart who will laugh and empathize with you
  • Let’s us laugh with (and sometimes at) him

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