Financial Think Tank Meets in Chicago

The Financial Task Force has met several times since the Executives Forum back in November including a two-day session in Chicago this month (The Financial Think Tank).  Their mission was to review the current financial benchmark data, determine how meaningful it is, and what would be relevant and actionable going forward. Their purpose is to provide financial data for Synergy members in a format that is relevant, comparable, actionable, and easy to provide.

Thanks to Curtis Rippee (ACIS), Dick Hoffman (Atomatic), Jon Sterling (Maxair), Mike Houghton (Dowling Corporation), Michael Donovan (Cox Engineering), and Jonathon Giaramita (BP Group) for joining us in Chicago and to Nyle Keller (Cooper Oates), who joined us via Zoom, and Becky Auge (Yearout) who is also on the task force, but couldn’t make it to the Think Tank.