Sixty Three Members Attend The 2017 Leadership Forum

Synergy Solution Group hosted a Leadership Forum on October 8-11th at the Woolley Classic Suites for 63 attendees. The three-and-a-half-day program kicked off with speaker Matt Todd from Pac Crest Business Engineering (PCBE) and his program How to Be a Great Boss Through Leadership, Management, and Accountability. Eight mentors and four millennial mentors worked with a small group of attendees to facilitate discussions based on Matt’s topics and shared their years of industry and leadership experience.

“Looking around the room for these three days it is incredible the amount of industry experience the Synergy Group has, from the mentors and junior mentors to everyone else in the room,” said Marc DeLong (Yearout). “The camaraderie, insight, and information sharing that takes place at these events is incredible.”

In addition to learning about different leadership, management, and accountability tools, all participants received the results from a 360-degree peer feedback survey. The mentors worked with each attendee to understand their survey results and created an individual action plan to help with their personal leadership goals and objectives.

“This was my first 360-degree review,” said Stacie Martucci (ISS Mechanical). “I liked getting feedback on how my peers & direct reports see me. The action plan was a great way to download and put in place all the info we’ve learned this week, how to implement it, and come up with a plan of action.”

Special thanks toMike Nichols (ACIS), Jim Bartolotta (Atomatic), Mike Houghton (Dowling Corporation),Marty Rosica (Hawks & Company), Rich Bodwell (ISS Mechanical), Sam De Angelis (SIPCO), Kevin Almon (Vital Mechanical Service), and Sal Tortorici (Yearout)  for being the 2017’s mentors. Also thanks to Jason Brasel (Control Services), Ryan Houghton (Dowling Corporation), Brett Ludwick (Pacific Rim Mechanical), and Dave Sloan (Ruthrauff) for serving as the 2017’s millennial mentors.