Synergy Hosts Service Focused Forum

Twelve members attended Synergy’s first Small Service Focused Forum on April 3-5th in Rosemont. The session was geared toward members who are primarily service and $10M or less in revenue. During the two day session members talked about the following topics:

  • Differentiation – What are your mission, vision, and values? How do you align your differentiators with your company goals?
  • Quoted Service – How do you measure your gross margin? What is your target margin expectation?
  • Service Agreement Work – How do you measure your pull through work? What is your process to ensure that pull through work turns into a sale?
  • Goal Setting Strategies and Tools – What’s your your BHAG – big, hairy audacious goal? How do you get outside your comfort zone and set big goals that align with your organization?

“I believe this was a great start for us to get a little more granular in our service deliveries,” said Marty Rosica (Hawks and Company). This Service Focused group plans to get together again next year to build on this year’s discussion.