The Synergy Challenge is Here!

About the Challenge
The goal of Synergy’s Business Opportunities Task Force is to share best practices and ideas with your peers. We asked the Task Force Leader, Greg Wierzba (Tweet/Garot) to kick off the Synergy Challenge by sharing something unique that Tweet/Garot is doing. Check out the video to see Tweet/Garot’s best practice and think about how you could incorporate what they’re doing into your business. The Synergy Challenge is your opportunity to learn and improve utilizing the innovative ideas from your peers. We want to hear from all of you so watch the end of the video to find out who Greg┬áchallenges next!

I Was Challenged! What Now?
Start thinking about the innovative things you’re doing. You’ll have two weeks to share your idea to the group. Your challenge response doesn’t have to be a video. It can be a webinar, an article, or anything else that tells other Synergy members about the cool and unique things you’re doing to make your organization stand out. And while costumes are always appreciated, they’re not necessary! Remember, the goal of the Synergy Challenge is to share best practices and ideas with your fellow peers. After you share your best practice you can challenge another Synergy member to share theirs!

An Opportunity To Give Back
While we’re sharing best practices and ideas (and having a little fun along the way) we’d also like to share with those less fortunate. Synergy would like to encourage anyone who has been challenged to donate to a charity that speaks to you. You pick the organization, the dollar amount, or your time you want to donate. Just keep us posted so we can share with the group.

Send them are way! You can contact Allison at for more information.