Woody Woodall | Customer Service Training for Synergy Members

Hawks and Company had Woody Woodall come in for some customer service training in March. “Woody’s customer service training this morning was a big hit!” said Marty Rosica (Hawks and Company).  “For those who were here when Steve Thomas did his people are weird session, Woody was equally impressive and distinctive with his approach and delivery. I highly recommend this to any Synergy company.” The team talked about core values, customer service, and the service cycle.

In April Woody made the trip to Chicago to spend the day with the team from Atomatic. Woody talked about the moments of truth with customers. “Woody’s industry knowledge, especially of the field, is exceptional,” said Jim Bartolotta (Atomatic). “He engaged the attendees and kept their attention.”

Contact Woody at woodywoodall5@gmail.com or 301.514.7756