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Ron Shanaver


(262) 749-0415



World class leader in power tool, power tool accessory, and hand tool solutions


Office Address:

13135 West Lisbon Road<br /> Brookfield, WI 53005-2550

Company Description

  • Milwaukee is a world class leader in power tool, power tool accessory, and hand tool solutions. Through Synergy’s partnership with Milwaukee our membership will have the opportunity to utilize best in class, new to world innovations in the industry to improve the productivity and safety of your workforce. Milwaukee is continuously pushing the boundaries of their products to new levels. Their One-Key system, a digital platform for tool control and tracking, and their high output LED lighting products are perfect examples of this.
  • Through this partnership, Synergy members have the opportunity to earn incentives on reported current and future Milwaukee Tool purchases beginning July 1, 2017.

Synergy Partner Benefits

2.5% cash rebate on annual purchases of all Milwaukee products in the following categories:

  • Cordless: All voltages and categories
  • M18™ ForceLorgic: All products
  • Corded: All categories
  • Accessories: All categories
  • Hand Tools: All categories
  • Test and Measurement Equipment: All categories


How to Partner

  • A local Milwaukee Tool team member will be reaching out to you in the next 30 days to review the program and discuss any current or future opportunities to partner with your company


“HMC Service has been partnering with Milwaukee Tools for about 2 years now and this program has helped us in several ways. They have been able to minimize types of power tools we use and also give us quick turnaround on service and replacements. Their customer support team has always responded to our needs and keeps us informed on new products that can help cut our labor in the field. They truly treat us as a partner and not just a contractor to sell tools to. If they treat all of the contractors in the Synergy Group the way they treat us I feel this will be a great relationship.” – Gary Keeling (HMC Service Company)

“At Cox Engineering, we have 4 distinct areas of skilled trades men and women. Sheet Metal (Field and Pre-Fabrication), Custom Air Handling Manufacturing (, Pipe (Field and Pre-Fabrication) and Service. Milwaukee has been supplying us with tooling (corded and cordless) for all 4 groups since 2011. The feedback from all these groups has been great and the service we receive from Milwaukee has been first class. Not only do we feel they provide us with the best tools in the industry, they are also always soliciting our feedback on how they can improve upon the design and performance of their offerings. It’s pretty cool when you see a recommendation made by one of our team members incorporated into the next generation of their tools. The relationship we have with Milwaukee is a true partnership where both sides truly are made better.” – John Canavan (Cox Engineering)

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