Basic Information


Sean Fox


(513) 683-8881



Focuses on reducing the cost of telecom and credit card processing services with complete vendor neutrality


Office Address:

1530 Sycamore Ridge Drive<br /> Maineville, OH 45039

Company Description

  • Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent telecom and credit card processing consulting organization in North America. We focus on reducing the cost of telecom and credit card processing services with complete vendor neutrality.
  • In business since 1980 with 17,000+ clients in North America. Analysis is provided on a contingency basis: Schooley Mitchell’s fees are self-funded out of the savings generated from reduced expenses. Knowledge of best-in-class price points through our extensive benchmarking database.

Our analysis includes the review of the following services:

  • Local Service
  • Internet Access
  • Cellular
  • Long Distance
  • Data Connectivity (WAN)
  • Conferencing
  • Electronic Payment Processing

Synergy Partner Benefits

How to Partner

  • Please contact Sean Fox and let him know you’re a Synergy member


“We’ve been working with Schooley Mitchell since May of 2012 and in that time we’ve saves just over $21,000, which in itself it’s too shabby.  The benefit that isn’t measured in those dollars is the my time, my energy and sanity in handling the bulk of our communication with our cell service provider. As our business changes our business needs change and Schooley Mitchell has offered value along the way with new programs and additional services. Pat, our rep from Schooley Mitchell is quick to respond, easy to work with and so very helpful.  Whether I am onboarding a new employee who needs devices, adding numbers to our account, or working with a device he is there to take the ball and run with it, seeing my need through to the end. I highly recommend Schooley Mitchell and look forward to our continued work together.” –Lori Cline (Vital Mechanical Service)

“Thanks to Synergy and their work partnering with such a great company, we at Atomatic were able to save real dollars of approximately 21% of our annual cost on our wireless provider.  Best of all, this was all without changing services or even having to do anything different on our end.  Additionally, as a continued value, Schooley Mitchell continues to monitor our services, continues to look for even more benefits, and even purchases our equipment at our request.  We look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come!” -Matt Owen (Atomatic Mechanical Services)

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