Basic Information


Aaron Salow


(615) 979-0564



Optimizes the workforce of the MEP industry by equipping companies with Intelligent Field Service Communications solutions


Office Address:

1305 Clinton Street Suite #300<br /> Nashville, TN 37203

Company Description

  • XOi Technologies optimizes the workforce of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) industry and beyond by equipping companies with Intelligent Field Service Communications solutions.
  • Through their cloud-based platform (XOi Vision), XOi enables technicians to collaborate and train on the job, enhance customer transparency, and maximize workflows. By capturing and sharing rich content and establishing shared knowledge bases, XOi helps companies close the skilled trades gap, win customer trust, and leverage artificial intelligence to unlock businesses growth.

Synergy Partner Benefits

  • Special pricing for Synergy members
  • Unlimited Vision users
  • Cloud data storage for 36-month length of contract
  • Onsite training and deployment included (travel billed separately)
  • Development of global Knowledge Management System for the Synergy Group
  • Competitive head start for 3 months following deployment (each company can select select 3 competitors in their region that are not already in XOi database)
  • XOi to work with each company for a full PR blitz to promote their innovative deployment within their region
  • Click here to view the presentations, case studies, and other information from XOi on our OneHub Workspace

How to Partner

  • Please contact Aaron Salow and let him know you’re a Synergy member


“We just sold a contract to CBRE for ~20 commercial centers to provide move out evaluations on the equipment. We record all the operational readings we’d typically get on an in-depth PM without the cleaning, belt(s), or filters. This goes into a letterhead report on a per unit basis. We then record a 30 sec or less video of each piece of equipment showing its condition and any issues. We quote any necessary repairs and are first in line to get them done. The XOi videos are what sold CBRE to use us for this service. We signed the contract on Tuesday and got a ~$2000 move out inspection the next day. We’ve been told more are coming.” – Bart Gedeon (ISS Mechanical)

“XOi has recently helped us sell a large agreement. We simply informed the facilities director, that the videos and pictures we can send him using this platform, will save walking his 780,000 sqft building to see what we are talking about, and that we can use these videos for training his team on their own building! Needless to say, it was an exciting thought for him, and we just closed the deal!” – Steven Day (Hawks and Company)

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