More than 40 Synergy members tuned in this week to listen to the team at Baker Group share details about their safety culture. Special thanks go to Gary Bridgewater, Dale Drent, Tracy Haus, and Nathan Heath of Baker Group for sharing their safety best practices with us. During the hour long session they talked about the history of safety at their company, safety KPI’s, online safety training, near miss reporting, and more.
“I was very impressed with their culture for safety!” said Denny Mann (Marina Mechanical). “Creating a culture for safety has to be a company wide culture, not just the folks in the field and a safety director.”
Gary, Dale, Tracy, and Nathan all stressed the importance of safety not being a single item that one person focuses on, but rather something that is built into their culture so that everyone focuses on.
“It starts from a position of caring about people. Safety isn’t the core value – caring about people is,” explained Gary (President of Baker Group).
If you missed today’s presentation, or would like to view it again with your team, the recording has been uploaded to OneHub, along with the PowerPoint slides that were shown on the webinar.
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