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The Synergy Construction Forum is where industry minds come together to share, learn, and grow. Last year’s event has already inspired actionable change within several companies within our Synergy peer network. Let’s explore how some attendees have translated the forum’s insights into tangible outcomes.

Rick Dufresne (Aero Mechanical):

Rick aimed to enhance his company’s change order process and manage additional charges more effectively. Since the forum, he’s seen a marked improvement in handling change orders. He credits this success to empowering his foremen to take a more active role in project management, fostering collaboration to achieve timely project goals. The shift towards a team-centric approach has led to better project outcomes and a more streamlined process.

Ramon Bonoan (Oahu):

Ramon left the forum with a clear objective: to lead first and manage second. This approach has transformed the way he directs his team. By focusing on leadership, he’s noticed a positive shift in implementing new ideas and achieving goals with less resistance and clearer communication. For Ramon, this is an ongoing journey, but one that’s proving to be fruitful in cultivating a more harmonious and effective work environment.

Brian Glynn (Hughes):

Brian was eager to dive into the data that drives success, focusing on KPIs relevant to margin tracking and employee efficiency. Post-forum, he has begun to modify his company’s Work in Progress (WIP) reports to include essential analytics like cost performance indices and margin deviation.

Jack Cai (Oahu):

Jack set out to implement prefabrication into Oahu’s workflow, a decision that’s set to revolutionize his company’s operations. Training is underway for both office and job leaders on using Stratus, and with the order of a plasma pipe cutter, the shop is being reorganized to accommodate this new equipment. Jack anticipates the machine will be operational this year, signaling a significant step towards efficiency and modernization.

These stories are a mere snapshot of the forum’s ripple effect across the HVAC construction industry. As our Synergy members continue to apply their forum learnings, they not only contribute to the success of their projects and teams but also to the broader landscape of construction excellence.

Did you accomplish what you’d hoped when you left the meeting?  If not, how can we help you? If you completed your action plan, congratulations! Email Julie with your success story.

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