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Synergy’s 2023 Special Projects Forum has left a lasting impact on the HVAC industry, with participants bringing back innovative strategies and insights to their organizations.

Four standout peer group members have experienced significant transformations in their companies, highlighting the effectiveness of peer group collaboration and continuous education:

Drew Schon (Five Star Mechanical):

Drew has made impressive strides in streamlining their turnover process. He reflects on their progress, “We’ve substantially improved our kick-off meetings, initially using Teams and then transitioning to ProCore. Getting the whole construction team on ProCore is my next objective. We’re determined to solidify our job close-out meetings; it’s a challenge when everyone is already deep into the next project, but it’s on our radar for improvement.”

John Kotek (LMS):

John shared the leaps made in their special projects division, “We have doubled our business focus on special projects. A key player in this growth has been Kwame, who, at the helm, has built a dedicated installation team. We’re excited to share more at the July meeting. It’s clear how much we’ve gained from being part of Synergy.”

Doug Walk (Phoenix):

Doug focused on nurturing relationships with both clients and his team, with notable success. “Our ‘Lunch & Learn’ events have brought us closer to clients, and we’re rolling out a customer grading system to streamline priority service calls. ‘Take care of people and the rest will follow’—this principle has not only enriched our client relations but has also enhanced our team dynamic,” he shared.

Mike Josenhans (Vital Mechanical Service):

Mike celebrates the completion of his action plan, crediting the forum for its role in enhancing communication within his team. “The peer group’s wealth of knowledge has been instrumental in achieving our goals. Our PM and sales team now have better communication, and our in-person job progress updates have markedly improved process clarity throughout our projects,” he notes with satisfaction.

Each of these members’ experiences underscores the tangible benefits of the Synergy forum, demonstrating that commitment to improvement and open exchange of ideas leads to real and rewarding change. Don’t miss this year’s Special Projects Forum which will be July 14-16th in Aurora, CO.

Did you accomplish what you’d hoped when you left the meeting?  If not, how can we help you? If you completed your action plan, congratulations! Email Julie with your success story.

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