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The 2024 Service Operations Forum, hosted at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans from January 14th to 17th, provided a dynamic platform for Synergy members to explore key aspects of service operations, employee engagement, and organizational culture. The event attracted 68 industry professionals, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing strategies, insights, and experiences.

Day One: Engagement and Recognition

The forum commenced with a workshop led by David Osborne (Dale Carnegie), focusing on “Building a Culture of Engagement.” Participants engaged in discussions about conflict resolution and strategies for enhancing workplace engagement.

Karl Schoening (North Mechanical) appreciated the relatable content. “The conflict resolution for the issues were helpful. Made me think a lot about the way I handle things and what I can do to improve,” he said.

The afternoon session on Employee Retention and Recognition allowed members to share and learn from each other’s experiences in fostering team engagement and appreciation.

David Sanchez (Galgon HVAC) highlighted the value of learning from peers. “Great information from everyone on how to keep employees, especially for me who is new to the roll it is great to no have to make all the mistakes I can expedite my experience by learning what others have done,” he said.

Day Two: Financial Acumen and Empowerment

The second day delved into the financial side of service operations, discussing strategies for sustainable growth and fostering a business mindset among teams.

“Eye opening to how others are tracking and improving their financials,” said  Kyle Hatfield (Interstate Mechanical). “It gave me ideas on how to get more granular with my own processes.”

A key focus was also placed on empowering teams through training, with Kevin Almon (Vital Mechanical Service) presenting their employee arc development model.

“I’ll be implementing the ARC ideology presented by Kevin,” said Sean McKibban (Five Star Mechanical). “It was simple, flexible, and powerful.”

The day concluded with Synergy’s 2024 Partner Fair, enabling members to explore new products and services.

Day Three: Client Retention and Culture Building

The final day featured a panel discussion on client retention, addressing methods for evaluating client relationships and ensuring client satisfaction. This was followed by a session on creating a championship culture within organizations, encouraging members to share initiatives that drive improvement and foster a positive culture.

“The best part is just the three days of conversation without restraint,” said Nick Cline (Vital Mechanical Service). “Sometimes just knowing that everyone else is out there trying to figure out the same issues helps reduce the stress of not knowing all the answers.”

Synergy members left the forum with new connections, actionable ideas, and a reinforced sense of community, ready to apply their learnings to drive growth and success within their organizations.

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