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Synergy has created a page in the Members Only section of our webpage to help you stay current on COVID-19 news.  Here is the link:   https://synergysolutiongroup.com/covid19/
Many members have shared examples of communication to clients and employees, forms and documents they’ve created, as well as information they’ve received regarding COVID-19.  All of that has been uploaded to OneHub.  Here is the link.  We will continue to upload new documents as they come in.  https://ws.onehub.com/workspaces/972641/folders/2410321159
Here are a few other important links.
  1. HR 6201 verbiage:   https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6201/text
  2. ACCA link to take action and ensure HVAC contractors are treated as essential services:  Click here
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