Jim and Julie talk with Synergy Partner Mark Connelly with Culture Index about why recruiting should be thought of as a sales function, rather than an HR function, two questions that every job posting should answer, and how to move from a reactive strategy in recruiting to a proactive one.


What is this podcast about?:
We absolutely love any opportunity to connect with others. The goal of this podcast is to capture a fun conversation with Synergy’s very own Jim and Julie and one of our Synergy members, partners, or friends and share it with all of you.
Where can I access the podcast?:
You can watch or listen to the first three episodes of our podcast here – https://connect.synergysolutiongroup.com/resources/drinkstormingpodcast.
When will you be releasing new episodes?:
We’ll be releasing new episodes every other Thursday and will always keep you updated via all of our social media pages.


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