The image is a graphic for a webinar, featuring a computer monitor displaying the alliantgroup building and logo with a deep blue overlay. Adjacent to the monitor, on a matching blue background, is the text "Federal Tax Incentives Through the New 179D Webinar" in white, which stands out prominently. Below this text, the Synergy Solution Group logo is displayed, indicating their role in hosting the event. This graphic serves as an invitation or an announcement for the educational session that focuses on the new 179D tax deductions for the HVAC peer group
On February 27th, members of the HVAC peer group Synergy Solution Group had the opportunity to dive into the complexities of the newly updated 179D tax deduction during an informative webinar hosted in partnership with alliantgroup

This session provided our members with vital insights into how the recent changes to Federal Tax Incentives can benefit their businesses, specifically within the HVAC industry. If you missed the presentation or would like to view it again with your team,  it has been uploaded to OneHub. Click here –

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