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Perfect mix of attendees:

At this year’s Sales Summit we had a diverse group. The sales experience in the group ranged from 1 month to 40 years which led to large group discussions with a variety of perspectives and breakouts where attendees could connect peer-to-peer.

  • 48% – percentage of attendees who sell both service and projects
  • 28% – percentage of attendees who sell service (maintenance sales and service repairs)
  • 12% – percentage of attendees who do only project sales (new installation, renovations, and replacements)
  • 12% – percentage of attendees who lead a sales team

Best practices presentations

The highlight for many of this year’s attendees were the presentations that members gave to showcase a best practice they have implemented with their sales team.

  • John Speed (Interstate Mechanical Service) – John gave attendees tips from his year experience of working as a Facility Directory. He shared the things to avoid doing when trying to get a meeting with someone in this role along with advice on how to stand out and bring value.
  • Britt Espinosa and Johnathan Swayne (Vital Mechanical Service) – Britt and Johnathan shared an in-depth review of the data-driven sales process they’ve developed that’s helped them find more qualified leads and win more business.
  • Rebecca Hogue-Rodriguez (Yearout), Larry Price (ACIS), and Steve Steiner (RK) – All three shared the handoff process their company uses to communicate with the operations team after they’ve sold either a new maintenance agreement or a project.

Next steps for the sales group

We’ve got a ton of exciting ideas that we’ll be implementing over the next month to ensure everyone is staying connected until the next Sales Summit.

  • Regional sales conference calls: Synergy will be hosting calls to help members connect with their regional peers. Members in the Northeast, Southern, Midwest, and Western regions will all have the chance to share business opportunities and get advice from regional peers
  • Task Force: We’ve had a handful of attendees volunteer to participate on a task force that will look for other ways we can can all stay connected to keep learning together
  • Webinars: Vital Mechanical Service will be showcasing their sales process one more time via webinar for members. We’ve also got a best practices webinar on Full Coverage Agreements on October 1st at 1:00pm CT
  • Action plans: And don’t forget about the action plan that you wrote down at the end of this year’s summit. We’ll be following back around with you soon to check in on the progress you’ve made or if you need any help accomplishing your goals!

To check out the pictures from the meeting, click here:  http://ow.ly/nHhy30lRhki


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