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At Synergy, our strength lies in the power of our community.

Nick Davis (MSD), recently faced a challenge with a client’s LG VRF system. The failed pump on one compressor meant a four-week lead time for a replacement, posing operational difficulties for the client. Seeking a solution, Nick turned to Synergy’s Ask a Peer for help.

Through the Synergy platform, Nick posted his query, seeking recommendations for an LG representative who could assist in tracking down a unit. Within a short period, several fellow members offered their support and expertise. The power of collaboration was evident as our member company in Wichita, Five Star Mechanical, provided a recommendation, enabling Nick to locate the needed compressor promptly!

This fantastic example of how our Synergy community comes together to help one another showcases the true essence of our peer group. We believe in fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and supporting each other to overcome challenges and provide exceptional service to our clients.

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