The image shows a group of people seated in a circle during a follow-up call session. The title on the image reads, "Follow-Up Call with 2024 People Forum Attendees," and it is branded with the Synergy Solution Group logo at the bottom. This setting suggests a collaborative and engaging discussion environment, focused on implementing strategies and enhancing training formats discussed during the 2024 People Forum.
On June 19th, Synergy hosted a follow-up call with guest facilitator Wyetta Ford to discuss the implementation of strategies from the 2024 People Forum.

Participants shared updates on developing diverse training formats, and Wyetta discussed an upcoming white paper on on measurements and evaluations, which she plans to share with the team as a way to demonstrate the value of training. The follow-up session continued discussions that were started at the 2024 People Forum and covered topics like leadership modules, onboarding guides, and the use of Canva for creating HR materials.

Synergy members shared the leadership projects, career development, and onboarding plans they’ve been working on since the forum in May. The follow-up session concluded with encouragement for ongoing dialogue and resource sharing through Synergy’s HR peer group and other platforms like the HR Ask a Peer tool.

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