Hardy Services Visits Storer Services
At the end of last year David Brown, Greg Williams, and Darryl Macon from Hardy Services got the opportunity to spend time with their fellow Synergy peer, Storer Services. Synergy got a chance to talk with David Brown (Hardy Services) about their visit.
What prompted your visit?

Our two controls team members are working towards their final years in the workforce, so we are working towards a plan that would extend our controls department past their retirement. Since they have been the only two members of our controls department since it started, they were reluctant to add anyone new. We felt that a visit to another mechanical contractor who not only has a controls department, but has had a successful and thriving department would open their eyes to the possibilities of a sustained department beyond their years. Our goal is to have a controls department that doesn’t only sustain our current workload, but also one grows and expands on its own.

Is there anything you’ve planned on changing or implementing as a result of your visit?

Storer helped to open our eyes to who could estimate a controls job. They shared their best practice of estimation with us and we are currently working on “how” we tailor their processes to work for us.

Anything else to share with us?

Aaron, Clint, and the entire team at Storer were very inviting and helpful to us during our visit.  They would be my early vote for back-to-back “Peer of the Year”!  I couldn’t thank them enough!

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