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1. Creating WOW’s for Internal Clients

The group continued to use Tim’s ideas in the afternoon but applied them to creating WOW moments with coworkers, technicians, and other departments. Attendees spent time in the large group discussing ways to make these internal clients feel important. Members shared ideas like using a monthly newsletter that goes out to everyone in the company with technican attaboys and awards that recognize peers for going above and beyond.

2. Owning the Position

During the afternoon session the group talked about what it means to own their position. The group talked about the challenges that come with having responsibility, but limited authority to hold others accountable.

3. Ask a Peer – Live Questions

Ask a Peer – Live are questions that get submitted throughout the session by attendees who are looking to get feedback from the whole group. During the session there were 12 Ask a Peer questions that were asked. Here are some the questions that were asked at the meeting:

  1. How far do you schedule techs?
  2. How are you building a better rapport with technicians or peers in the office?
  3. What is an acceptable amount of non-billable time?
  4. Do you give techs PM hours?
  5. Do you have a field incentive program to promote completing paperwork on time? How and what are you measuring?

4. Day-In-The-Life Dispatch Scenarios

On day two of the forum each table was given a real, day-in-the-life dispatch scenario of a busy Monday morning with descriptions of calls coming in from new, existing, and upset clients. Each table worked together as a team to figure out what they would do. The groups then presented their plan to the rest of the group, explained why they made the decisions they did, and how they would create moments of WOW along the way. “The real world exercises really reinforced how the dispatchers position is one of the hardest positions in a service department and how they touch so many different aspects of the business,” said Marc DeLong (Yearout). “It was an eye opening exercise to see the stress/anxiety the dispatchers go through on a daily basis juggling external and internal clients.”

Bonus: Watch More Highlights from the Session

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