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Adding new communication tools to the toolbox

The group welcomed Lisa Withers from ProActive Consulting to talk about communication tools and strategies. Lisa focused on the importance of how you say something versus what you say, ways to ensure your message is understood, and how to give and receive feedback. “Lisa was very energetic and engaging,” said Brian Gillum (ACIS). “A lot of times when you sit and listen to someone talk you lose interest. This wasn’t so with Lisa. She had my attention the whole time.”


Discussing new technology, apps, and partners

Day two of the meeting was packed with information sharing, Synergy Showdowns, and success stories. BP Group shared the inventory system they’ve implemented, Yearout talked about the QR program for equipment, and the group talked about how to improve on performing PM’s on time.  “Having the opportunity to be around like-minded people is such a unique experience,” said Alison Kelley (Atlantic Constructors). “I was able to learn so much from so many people – hearing their success stories along with their struggles is so interesting. I can’t wait to implement some of the practices that were shared today.” Members also had the opportunity to hear from their fellow peers about the partners they’re working with in their local market. After they got the opportunity to meet face-to-face with each partner at the Partner Fair.  “The Partner Fair was awesome,” said Brandt Watanabe (Oahu Air Conditioning). “We got to meet the people we only talk to on the phone.”


Building relationships with fellow peers

On day three attendees spent time in breakout groups based on their role discussing a favorite Synergy meeting topic – KPI’s. In the owner/VP group the discussion focused on the top KPI’s they look at and how to develop KPI’s to measure differentiators. The service manager group talked about how to measure the success of individual teams (technicians/helpers). The team leader group spent their time talking about the KPI’s that they can measure like call backs and having technicians turn in their paperwork on time. “The discussion had good examples on how KPI’s can affect the business and suggestions on what KPI’s I should be looking at as a team leader,” said Matt Fullman (HSA).

Thank you to all of our Service Operations Forum task force, Lisa Withers, everyone who shared or asked a question during the meeting, and all of our partners for participating in this year’s session![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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