A group photo of the attendees at the Liebert Training hosted by ISS Mechanical in Orlando. The team, consisting of diverse individuals in professional and work attire, is posing with confidence and camaraderie in front of a wall featuring the ISS Mechanical logo. The Synergy Solution Group logo is also prominently displayed, representing the collective expertise and unity of the group. The photo captures the spirit of cooperation and shared knowledge that characterizes the event.
Synergy member ISS Mechanical recently hosted a Liebert Training session, bringing together the techs from across the Synergy HVAC peer group.

Fellow members Pacific Rim Mechanical, MSD, Soefker, Dowling, Brooks, and Interstate Mechanical Service joined in this collaborative learning experience.

This gathering showcased the true spirit of the Synergy peer group: a commitment to continual learning and mutual support! A heartfelt thank you to the ISS Mechanical team for their outstanding efforts in organizing this event.

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