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At Synergy we know that collaboration is at the core of our success. That’s why we’re here to shine a spotlight on Synergy’s invaluable directories and encourage you to make the most of them.

These directories are tailored to meet your specific needs, helping you connect with fellow members and find experts in the field. Let’s dive into each directory and see how they can elevate your Synergy experience.

1. Company Directory: Navigate Synergy’s Member Companies

The Company Directory is your passport to exploring the diverse landscape of  your fellow Synergy peers. What sets this directory apart is its ability to refine your search based on company stats, service or construction stats, software and technology, and company capabilities. Need to find a member company that aligns with your specific interests or needs? Look no further. The Company Directory is the compass that guides you to your ideal Synergy peer.

2. Find the Expert Directory: Expertise Made Easy

In the world of HVAC, having access to expertise is paramount. The Find the Expert Directory simplifies the process of finding the right specialists for your technical needs. Whether it’s Boilers, Chillers, Controls, VRF, or Specialty Equipment, you can now pinpoint experts with precision. Just select your equipment type, specify the experience level you require, and hit the ‘Find Companies’ button. With members’ technical knowledge thoughtfully ranked, you can trust the expertise you’ll find here.

3. People Directory: Discover Your Synergy Colleagues

The People Directory takes networking within Synergy to a whole new level. This directory is your gateway to building meaningful connections and fostering collaborations that can shape the future of your organization.

4. Partners Directory: Broaden Your Synergy Network

Collaboration doesn’t stop within our organization. The Partners Directory opens doors to external opportunities. Explore potential collaborators, suppliers, and partners that can enhance your business ventures. With Synergy’s stamp of approval, you can confidently expand your network and embark on mutually beneficial partnerships.

Start exploring the directories today and witness the incredible synergy that awaits you within the Synergy community!

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