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Marketing is challenging. Marketing in the commercial HVAC world can be even more so. Few companies have the resources to have a dedicated marketing person on staff. Many are wearing multiple hats and are challenged with the task of finding the time and the content to communicate what’s going on to their company’s employees, clients, and prospects.

That’s why Synergy members from across the country have gotten together to start a task force with marketing-focused individuals to share ideas and best practices. “We see a ton of benefits in talking and sharing with others in our HVAC industry,” said Allison Rodgers (Synergy).

First Webinar:

The group had their first webinar in October to brainstorm topics and talk about unique things they were doing. Valerie Mussett (Design Mechanical) talked about how they started DMI University, a yearly lunch-and-learn training program. Valerie said DMI is used to help educate Design’s clients (including building engineers and property managers) to help them eliminate the one hour service call. After the webinar Valerie shared the list of topics, handouts, invites, and a link to Design’s YouTube channel with the other members.

Kevon Farley (BP Group) shared how he is using blogs and social media to humanize the BP brand. “We use our blog and social media to introduce BP as a company full of people who do more than just technical stuff,” said Kevon.

Steven Day (Hawks & Company) discussed the video case studies he’s done. Steve shared tips with the other members on when to shoot a video yourself and when you should hire a professional.

Second Webinar:

The group had their second webinar this month and talked about all things social media. Some of the main topics included what sites members are using, how they’re using their social media presence to drive traffic to the website, and how they come up with content.

Andrea Gersema (Baker Group) shared that she works on a Content Committee comprised of project managers from Baker’s different divisions to help come up with different topics. She’ll interview one of the project managers about a topic they suggested and write a newsletter piece based off that. That piece is then shared on their website and social media sites.

Next Webinar:

Next up for the task force is a discussion in late January/early February about Spring Campaigns. Members will share marketing pieces they’re sending to their clients and prospects to help start conversations with their sales teams.

Want to join in on the discussion? Contact Allison at allison@synergysolutiongroup.com for more information.

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