The Synergy Executives Forum’s Best Idea Challenge of 2023 brought together 12 companies for a competition that celebrates innovation and supports charitable causes. Participants submitted their ideas along with a wager, contributing to a prize pool that rewards creative thinking and community engagement.

At the 2023 Executives Forum, the spotlight was on Nick Davis and Brad Bradley from MSD, who impressed everyone with their proposal for an analytic database website. This tool is designed to assist clients in monitoring the end of life for units, showcasing a blend of technical innovation and practical utility.

The challenge has a unique twist: Synergy matches the prize pool amount to donate to a charity chosen by the winners. Nick and Brad’s winning idea earned them a $3,800 prize to donate to the charity of their choice. MSD selected The Journey League of Dayton, Ohio Chapter, a charity close to their hearts.

The Best Idea Challenge exemplifies the values at the heart of the Synergy Executives Forum: fostering innovation, encouraging collaboration, and supporting the broader community.

Congratulations to Nick Davis and Brad Bradley for their winning contribution and for choosing to support the Journey League of Dayton, Ohio Chapter with their prize!

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