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The 2024 Customer Service Forum, held from February 4th to 6th in Savannah, GA, saw 39 HVAC peer group members gather to advance their customer service skills through in-depth conversations on communication and emotional intelligence.

Guest speaker Lisa Withers kicked off the session with her workshop titled, “Self-awareness and the Essentials of Communication.” Attendees delved into the intricacies of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), self-awareness, and the DiSC assessment. Members got a deeper understanding of their personal behavior styles and talked about how that impacts their professional interactions.

Withers’ session underscored the importance of emotional intelligence in customer service, offering attendees practical strategies for recognizing and adapting their communication styles to foster more meaningful connections with others.

A highlight of the forum was the opportunity for participants to engage in discussions about the different behavior styles. Cassidy Kelly from Pacific Rim Mechanical noted, “I really loved being able to discuss different personality styles with the people who fit in those categories. It definitely helped me to see their perspectives.”

The second day of the forum featured a presentation by Stefanie Coffey, who shared Oklahoma Chiller’s innovative Customer Service Plan. This plan includes a monthly customer service memo circulated internally, a customer survey to gauge service levels, and a new Customer of the Month program.

Attendees also engaged in practical discussions on real-life customer service challenges, such as handling parts and material delays, communicating with clients when a technician is reassigned, and addressing late payments.

Lisa imparted a powerful message that extraordinary customer service is a game of inches, not miles. She encouraged participants to focus on the small, impactful actions they can amplify to enhance their service delivery. This perspective inspired attendees to reevaluate and refine their approach to customer interactions.

Janine Riley from Five Star Mechanical shared her personal takeaway, saying, “I really enjoyed getting to meet so many new people who I feel I can count on when I need extra support, as well as be able to support them in return. This group is by far the best I have had the privilege to be a part of.”

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