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The Perfectly Green Corp. (PGC), is an innovative technology, energy and HVAC company that provides patented/patent-pending energy solutions. After over six years of research and development PGC is in the process of finalizing the production of its revolutionary residential/light commercial unit, branded the Smart Frog AC. The Smart Frog AC is an all in one high efficiency HVAC system (third-party rated by Intertek Testing Laboratories up to 23 SEER for the 5-ton unit) enclosed in a durable weather proof ABS plastic housing, with built-in 7KW standby generation, an inverter on-board allowing you to simply plug in up to 4KW of solar panels to generate your own electricity, and smart grid controls enabling the unit to function on-grid for typical power consumption, blended grid for solar users and off-grid in emergency power failure and demand response situations.

PGC will be hosting two webinars for Synergy members to learn about their product and the business opportunity it presents to our members.  In the webinar PGC’s founder and CEO, Eric Barger, will be providing an overview of the company and product, as well as discuss PGC’s business plan and go-to-market strategy in working with contractors. After a brief presentation of those items Eric will open up the conference to questions.

Jack Fanneron with BP participated on a call along with Kevin Spaeth and the folks at PGC.  After hearing Jack’s feedback, Synergy’s Board felt this is something our members should hear about.  To register for a webinar, please click here by next Wed, July 13th.

If you’re interested in learning more about PGC prior to the call please go look at their website: www.perfectlygreencorp.com , as well as their dealer resources page that has videos, pictures and specs on the Smart Frog AC: http://perfectlygreencorp.com/resources.


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