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What are you doing in your organization that’s cool, interesting, or new?  We threw that question out to our Founders Board, and challenged them to share one great idea they’ve implemented with the entire Synergy team.
Jack Fanneron with BP Group, never one to let a challenge slip through his fingers, jumped at the opportunity to share PIPES with you.  PIPES stands for Process Information Portal Enabling Success and won the MCAA Kent Award in 2016 for Management Innovation.  PIPES is a fully connected business process mapping with links created for HVAC construction and service businesses originally created via the BP Group and ATX.  These PIPES templates are available for free to Synergy members.  The key features and benefits of PIPES are:
  • Policy and procedures portal – linked to specific process steps
  • Business process documentation
  • Embedded document templates which can easily be updated and maintained
  • Links to existing systems
  • Accessible and available anywhere
  • Interactive and linked processes
  • Always current
  • Increased profitability by increasing efficiency
    • Identified and eliminated duplicative processes
    • Improved use of existing systems
    • Streamlined processes
  • Improved our foundation for a more sustainable organization
  • Tool to set expectations and hold our people accountable to what is expected
  • Training and onboarding playbook
  • Recruiting/sales tool
Webinar Registration
Join us for a webinar on Thurs, Aug 25th at 1pm CST where Brendan Abbott with ATX and Jack Fanneron with BP will walk us through PIPES and explain how you can implement this amazing tool into your own organizations.  Whether you’re a large company or a smaller organization, if you’re focused on service, construction, or both, PIPES can work for you!
Click here to register for the PIPES webinar.  Please complete your registration by Wed, Aug 24th.
Who will be the next Synergy member to accept the Synergy Challenge?!  Learn more during the PIPES webinar.
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