Group picture of the RW LaPine team standing in front of their building. On the right it says R.W. LaPine Joins Synergy
We are excited to welcome R.W. LaPine in Kalamazoo, MI to Synergy!

We are thrilled to welcome R.W. LaPine in Kalamazoo, MI to the group. Special thank you to David Philbin (Guardian) for joining us on an in-person visit.

ABOUT R.W. LAPINE: As an independently owned and operated company, we are readily accessible to address any issue that may arise. Decisions and solutions are prompt, avoiding unnecessary red tape and costly delays. We have had the privilege to work with great people at various commercial and industrial sites and value the relationships R.W. LaPine has developed through the years. Our team of professional and dedicated site managers are recognized as the best in the business. As a company, R.W. LaPine is providing first-rate performance and quality at the best value to our customers.

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