The image displays a computer monitor showcasing a promotional graphic for a webinar titled "Recap of the 2024 Field Supervisors Forum Follow-Up Call with Steve Thomas." The graphic features a photograph of a meeting room where Steve Thomas is speaking to a group of attentive attendees seated around tables. The room is well-lit and equipped with presentation tools. The Synergy Solution Group logo is visible in the lower right corner, emphasizing the professional context of the event.
On April 18th, Synergy hosted a follow-up call, facilitated by Steve Thomas. This call brought together 16 field supervisors who participated in the in-person 2024 Field Supervisors Forum to continue the dialogue on leadership excellence within the HVAC industry.

The follow up call with Steve focused on vital leadership qualities, including the importance of personal development and the ability to adapt communication styles to different situations. The concept of radical ownership was discussed at length, emphasizing the importance of leaders taking complete accountability for their actions and their team’s performance.

Participants also shared insights and learnings from previous sessions, particularly on strategies to create a positive work environment and enhance team dynamics.  Additionally, the value of assertive communication was highlighted, underscoring its effectiveness in leadership roles.

Special thanks to Steve Thomas for his dedication in helping us shape a more empowered and effective leadership community within Synergy.

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