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Synergy’s recent Service Operations Forum served as a lively platform to exchange new ideas and best practices with the HVAC peers across the country. From the adoption of 15-minute meetings to other ingenious strategies, let’s take a look at some of the standout successes that are redefining how leaders and teams collaborate.

The Success of the 15-Minute-Meeting

  • Kelsey Kingsolver (Vital Mechanical Service) has embraced the 15-minute meetings. He said it’s not only streamlined communication with his direct reports but has also created a ripple effect of positive feedback.
  • Galen Itamura (Oahu) has also implemented the 15-minute meeting. Amidst the challenges of busy schedules, Galen said recognizes that this investment has paid off  in terms of improved team connections and efficient issue resolution.
  • David Lebowitz (Oahu) shared with us that by providing a consistent platform for communication, these 15 minute meetings ensure clarity and understanding and have enabled a proactive approach to addressing concerns that might otherwise be postponed until annual reviews.
  • Tyler Winfield (Gardiner) told us that the 15-minute conversations have fostered trust within his team. By adopting this approach, Tyler has been able to eradicate the “us against them” mentality and nurtures a culture of collaboration.

Implementing XOi:

  • Josh Wood (Alltek) has worked with the Alltek team to integrate XOi into their company’s operations. Josh said it has not only boosted efficiency but also helped them recruit techs.
  • Grant Watson (CCAC) said that he and Angela Greiner were able to spearheaded the efforts to get XOi implemented and now they use it every day!

This year’s Service Operations Forum served as an excellent platform for participants to showcase their achievements, highlighting the industry’s capacity for adaptability and innovation. If you’re eager to be a part of next year’s event and join the conversation, don’t forget to register for the 2024 Service Operations Forum. See you there!

Did you accomplish what you’d hoped when you left the meeting?  If not, how can we help you? If you completed your action plan, congratulations! Email Julie with your success story.

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