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Synergy’s 2018 Executives Forum’s main topics will include cybersecurity risks, financial benchmarking, and how to build a business or team that can run without you. We’ll also spend time throughout the meeting highlighting the unique things your peers have done since last year’s Executives Forum. At the session we’ll discuss some Synergy business, get your feedback for training events for 2019, and of course have some fun during the sunset cruise and group dinners.

  1. Cybersecurity Risks  – Nick Espinosa, Synergy’s Chief Cybersecurity expert, will join us to discuss the risks that attendees face with cybersecurity. HVAC and service contractors are often targeted by hackers, because they are seen as a gateway to their customers. Executives are often targeted with greater frequency because their corporate position is advertised, and they have access to more information than anyone in the company. During his presentation, Nick will cover the following topics:
    • Defense Against the Dark Web – review of the Dark Web scans findings
    • Cloud Security Made Easy
    • Next Generation Network Design
    • Defending Your Mobile Devices
    • Educating the Masses
    • Understand The Roles of your Technical Staff
    • What You Can Do Right Now
  2. Synergy Financial Benchmark – Jason Baumarten (FMI) will walk attendees through Synergy’s Financial Benchmark and how to use the Tableau tool. Prior to the meeting you will receive an email with your company’s data populated in Tableau reader.  You’ll need to download Tableau to your device, and bring your device to the meeting. After Jason’s overview members will get an opportunity to ask questions and spend time in small group discussions digging deeper into the benchmark.

  3. Building a Business That Can Run Without You – Fifty percent of business transitions don’t happen because of the 5 d’s (death, disability, divorce, disagreement, distress) – are you ready? Tom Garrity (Compass Point Consulting) will guide us through his workshop covering the three components of a successful exit or transition and how to maximize business value to avoid the commodity trap. Prior to coming to Aruba everyone was asked to complete an assessment titled ‘The Value Builder Assessment’. Tom will review that at the workshop, along with giving you a detailed 28 page report on how to improve specific value drivers in your company.

  4. Using Your Core Values – You have them, now what do you do with them? We’ll walk through how to use your core values to build a culture to recruit and retain the right employees and set expectations with your team.

  5. Bridging the Gap – Attendees will get the chance to share ideas and best practices on how to improve the relationship between service and construction and the relationship between the office and the field.

  6. Growing your Service Contract Base – We’ll talk about your annual PM sales goals, the most impactful things members are doing to grow their PM base, and how to find the best PM sales people

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