Storer Services received Synergy’s 2022 Peer of the Year Award at the 2022 Executives Forum held Nov. 6-10th in Charleston. Storer Services was recognized as the member who best represented Synergy’s core values this year. Here are just some of the reasons why Storer Services was chosen as our Peer of the Year:

  • They believe in training
    • Attended 5 of 7 Synergy events, sending 11 different team members
    • Participated on 3 training task forces
  • They are invested in helping their team members connect with others
    • 44 team members signed up on various Ask a Peer lists
    • At least one person participates on all five small peer groups
  • They share their knowledge and expertise outside the company
    • Open their doors to other members
    • Provide training outside their own company
  • New ideas and creative ways of thinking are part of their culture
    • They are involved in showdowns or panels at most sessions
    • They were one of the contestants in the Best Idea Challenge
  • They make Synergy better by keeping us on task and pushing the needle

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