Group picture from Executives Forum with members standing in the courtyard
Synergy successfully concluded its 2023 Executives Forum at Rancho Bernardo Inn from November 12th to 16th. Attended by 63 members, the event provided a platform for meaningful discussions and shared insights.

Day One

The forum commenced with an informative AI workshop featuring guest speaker Beth Z. The presentation, titled “Our Industry in the Age of AI: A Conversation about Facts, Fears, and the Future,” initiated discussions on the impact of artificial intelligence.

“Beth helped cut through a lot of the hype and hysteria associated with the topic to help us think if AI as another tool to explore and experiment with.” said Ruzwa Cooper (Cooper Oates).

Day one’s afternoon sessions included small roundtable discussions where members explored AI implementation in their organizations, discussed potential applications, and addressed concerns.

The Best Idea Challenge showcased 12 members presenting innovative accomplishments of 2023. Some of the ideas that members shared included an in-house training program using VR technology, a matrix to grade potential new maintenance or project customers for sales people to figure out who they should pursue, a world class onboarding system for new hires, a company award that reward employees for exemplifying a company value, and an analytic database website for clients for end of life on units.

“I have left the best idea discussion with multiple action items for long term solutions to some of our biggest pain points,” said Kyle Hatfield (IMCOR). “I’m excited to strategize with my team and identify how we use this information to improve.”

Day Two

Day two’s morning discussions covered industry topics such as rising interest rates, client challenges, remote work, and private equity threats. Members also engaged in strategic planning discussions, sharing their best strategic ideas, evolution, and challenges.

The Worst Idea Challenge provided insights into valuable lessons learned.  Some of those worst ideas included transitioning to a new ERP system, an employee incentive plan gone bad, an expensive piece of equipment that didn’t have a good ROI, and not having proper documentation for a job that was completed.

“I actually thought these were as good as the best ideas,” said Jonathan Desmond (Cox Engineering). “Anytime you can learn something specific from a peer and ask questions, I think it’s super valuable.”

Day Three

Day three featured Synergy Partner C-Level, who shared tips for leaving a lasting legacy. Members also discussed how they’re driving value into their businesses, focusing on recurring revenue, customer service, and financial performance.

Afternoon sessions included updates on training for 2024 and discussions on challenges facing clients in the next five years.

The event concluded with the presentation of the Sam DeAngelis Peer of the Year Award to Synergy member MSD, acknowledging their contributions to the Synergy community.

“These forums are always great and provide lots of great ideas to take back home.” said  Craig McElwain (Oklahoma Chiller). “The one on ones talking about specific challenges or opportunities are always my favorite part.”

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