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At Synergy’s 2023 Sales and Marketing Forum, we witnessed the power of sharing knowledge and innovative practices among HVAC industry professionals. Here’s how three participants have turned insights into action, fostering remarkable progress within their organizations.

Artie Gibson (HMC):

Artie set out to transform the way his team prepared for customer meetings. His goal was to equip sales reps with a toolkit of open-ended questions to foster deeper discovery and emphasize the value they bring to clients. Since the forum, Artie has been refining his approach, crafting better questions that cut to the heart of customer needs.

David Lebowitz (Oahu):

David was inspired by the task management capabilities of Outlook demonstrated on day one of the forum. He has since implemented training across estimating, dispatch, and billing departments, teaching them to harness the full potential of Outlook’s organizational tools. This new system has revolutionized his email management, decluttered his mind, and amplified productivity within the office.

Bob Marshall (Dowling):

Bob’s challenge was to carve out uninterrupted time for focused work amid the daily barrage of emails and calls. Post-forum, he’s been more intentional with time management, aligning his peak performance hours to office tasks and setting end-of-day appointments. By segmenting his day into dedicated blocks for sales tasks, communication, and meetings, he’s achieved a more efficient workflow, allowing for proactive customer engagement and improved sales outcomes.

These success stories from Artie, David, and Bob showcase just a slice of the success stories emanating from members after attending a Synergy session.

Other ways to stay connected:

Building on the momentum from the forum, participants have kept the conversation going and continue to share insights through various Synergy networks:

  • The Sales Ask a Peer group and the Sales Management Small Peer Group have provided platforms for ongoing dialogue and support, while the Marketing Small Peer Group has sparked insightful conversations around social media and AI.
  • Synergy members can also utilize the company directory to connect with peers in similar roles to create their own network of peers.
  • And don’t forget to access to OneHub to revisit documents and presentations from the session anytime. With Synergy as your resource, the learning never stops and the shared knowledge always continues!

Did you accomplish what you’d hoped when you left the meeting?  If not, how can we help you? If you completed your action plan, congratulations! Email Julie with your success story.

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