Image of a laptop with a logo of a computer with a buy and sell icon on the screen with the words Craig's List for Synergy members underneath
We are excited to announce that we have put together a resource page on the Synergy website for members to buy or sell equipment.  And, in the Synergy spirit of R&D, we have dubbed it “Craig’s List” after Craig McElwain, our Partners Task Force lead who spearheaded the idea!

Synergy has been working on an idea brought forth by various Synergy members over the past year for companies to sell equipment they have in their ‘boneyard’ inventory, and look for items to purchase within the group. With the advice and input of our Partners Task Force, we have created a way for members to do that.

Members can access the page by going to the Synergy website homepage and clicking the ‘Resources’ dropdown to access Craig’s List.  You can view the listings which have been submitted by Synergy members, and comment on the listing that you are interested in. In order to receive updates on current or newly added listings, you will need to join the community by clicking the blue button at the top right corner of the Craig’s List page. To add a piece of equipment you want to sell, or ask for an item you are looking to buy, please fill out the form to submit your post.

Check out Synergy’s Craig’s List using the button below!

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