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The Sales Manager’s Role

Craig Condon, Owner/Vice President of Service Sales for Pacific Rim Mechanical, kicked off the first day with an overview of his sales manager role. He shared an overview of the Pacific Rim sales team, their sales process, expectations he sets for the team, and lessons learned. Craig explained that his main role is to remove any roadblocks that keep each rep from being success. The group then spent time in small groups talking about what they heard from Craig that they could implement back home, how much much time each week they spend with their sales teams, where they excel, and where they see room for improvement.

It was great to identify a company like Pacific Rim that has found a lot of success and have them share their story,” said Jeremy Goodland (Western Allied).


Estimating Programs and Strategies, Growth Through Project Sales, Full Service Agreements

The group also talked about estimating programs and strategies and growth through project sales.  The morning ended with a discussion on full service agreements. Synergy Partner Jim Wilson with Financial Risk Solutions shared information with the group on how to mitigate full service risk.


Culture Index – Creating the Ideal Sales Profile

In the afternoon Synergy Partner, Mark Connelly with Culture Index, helped the group create the ideal sales profile for hunters and account managers.

“It was very interesting to see ideal characteristics for individual roles and how your team compares,” said Nick Davis (MSD).


Day one ended with Kevin Almon (Vital Mechanical Service) and Scott Fleming (Storer Services) sharing the onboarding process that they use for each new sales person.
Day One Highlights:
Sales Planning, Goal Setting, KPI’s
Jim started off day two with a large group discussion on sales planning, goal setting, and KPI’s. During this session members shared what they’re currently measuring, how they capture the information, the frequency they share it, and what it’s done for their team. Collectively the attendees developed a list of the top five KPI’s we should all be measuring, which included net sales by salesperson, number of new calls or touches, and amount of pull through work.

Team Selling

Attendees also got the opportunity to talk about different compensation plans and incentives that work. Craig McElwain (Oklahoma Chiller) and Craig Condon (Pacific Rim Mechanical) each shared how their organization has implemented team selling with shared commissions.


Marketing, Social Media, XOi Technologies

Allison Rodgers (Synergy) shared some marketing information and social media tips with the group. Synergy Partner John Cahalan with XOi Technologies shared the best ways to utilize XOi in your sales process to distinguish you from the competition.

The meeting closed with members completing their action plan to write down takeaways and goals to tackle with their teams.

“It was great to see everyone. I always leave feeling like part of a family,” said Bob Marshall (Dowling Corporation). “This is a great group with unbelievable depth and variety of experience to draw from.”


Watch The Day Two Highlights:

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