Synergy hosted 57 members for our 2021 Leadership Forum in Clearwater Beach, FL on Sept 26-29th. The two and a half day program included Leadership Workshops with guest speakers Lisa Withers and Steve Thomas. In addition, both Lisa and Steve will worked together to share their leadership wisdom with attendees to help coach them through how to tackle their real world challenges. During the rest of the meeting Andy Foster (Pacific Rim), Steve Blazina (Atomatic), Dave Sloan (Ruthrauff), Kevin Almon (Vital Mechanical Service), Rich Bodwell (ISS Mechanical), Ruzwa Cooper (Cooper Oates), and Ryan Houghton (Dowling) served as mentors and worked with a small group of attendees to facilitate discussions and share their years of industry and leadership experience.

Check out what some of the attendees said about their time with Synergy:

  • “This was easily the most impactful conference for my personal growth I’ve ever attended.” – Justin Harer (JM Brennan)
  • “Learning from my group was great. I was able to get feedback and bounce ideas off of them. I am excited to take what I have learned back and implement it with my manager.” – Krista Evans (Nashville Machine)
  • “I am fortunate to have been apart of this forum. The best parts were the small table discussions and learning from each other.” – Connor Leslie (Cox Engineering)
  • “I liked meeting all the great people and listening to different ideas and different ways people are connecting with their teams. This was all new for me so it was all relevant and I would like to know more.” – Gerry Long (Baker Group)
  • “The best part was hearing so many ideas. I was comforted that we aren’t the only company going through issues and that not everyone is just born with leadership skills, they need to be learned and this conference gave me tools for that.” – Brian Galgon (Galgon HVAC)

What’s next:

To keep the learning going, Steve Thomas will be hosting a Zoom session for attendees on Oct 26th at noon CT.

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