More than 50 Synergy members attended the final workshop of the Leadership Development Series on April 21st. Attendees spent the majority of the time in small groups sharing what they learned during the Boosting Belonging and the Power of Influence workshops. Check out what some of the attendees had to say about the session below:

“I learned a ton with this series. Although it was virtual, I think there was great interaction and experience, with like minded individuals. The leadership conversations are such a huge success for me on a personal level. I find my mind referring back to something that was brought up throughout these forums quite often!! Its a huge experience for me!” – Joe Marut (Guardian)

Every Synergy workshop I have been involved in is always very informative and I learn new ways of doing things. We had good conversations and Wyetta was very good at running the breakout group. She did an amazing job.” – Andrew Ghelfi (Cox Engineering)

“I think the exchange reinforced for everyone that, regardless of where our companies are located geographically, the respective sizes or the nature of the work, there is a great deal of similarity in the challenges of managing and leading people.” – Ruzwa Cooper (Cooper Oates)

“I always enjoy the small group discussions. Gives you a chance to discuss the subject matter and download the other people’s perspective.” – Willie Diguc (Oahu)

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