An advertisement graphic for a professional webinar hosted by Synergy, titled "Evaluating Your Client Base," displayed on a computer monitor. The graphic features the Synergy logo and details the webinar as a "Synergy best practices webinar" scheduled for March 28th at 1:00–2:00 pm CT. The call to action at the bottom invites attendees to register at The design is clean, with a blue accent bar at the top and a prominent title "Evaluating Your Client Base Webinar" on the right side for easy reading.
Synergy’s HVAC peer group came together on March 28th for a dynamic webinar focused on evaluating client bases.

In an engaging session, 38 members from across the country tuned in to gain insights from fellow Synergy peers Vital Mechanical Service and CSE on how they are evaluating potential and current clients.

For those who missed it, the webinar recording is now on OneHub for review or to share with your team – Stay tuned for more informative sessions as part of our commitment to driving excellence within the Synergy community.

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