A promotional image announcing the launch of a podcast by Synergy member MSD, Inc. The graphic features a pair of white earbuds and their case, with the podcast's logo, "MSD, INC TALKS", displayed on the case. A construction helmet atop a microphone hints at the industry focus of the podcast. Bold text above reads "Synergy Member MSD Starts Podcast!" and the Synergy Solution Group logo is present, reinforcing the connection to the Synergy network. The background is a pleasant blue, making the graphic eye-catching and focused on the exciting news of the podcast launch.
Introducing a fresh take on the mechanical contracting industry, straight from the minds at MSD, Inc. They’ve crafted a podcast that acts as a crossroads of innovation and expertise, perfect for anyone in our Synergy family to tune into.

Each episode is a blend of perspectives, from industry veterans sharing seasoned wisdom to new voices forecasting the future of construction and design. It’s not just talk—it’s a vibrant exploration of career paths, industry shifts, and the impressive building projects that mark our field.

As Synergy members, you’re invited to join this auditory journey that navigates the complexities of our built world. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your expertise or find inspiration in the stories of others, this podcast is your gateway. https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/msdinctalks

Don’t miss out on the conversations that could redefine the way we think about mechanical contracting. Subscribe and join us in supporting MSD’s venture into the podcasting world. Here’s to the stories we’ll hear and the lessons we’ll learn along the way!

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